Nravo Kids - is a children development by mobile games, Nravo Goodies and master classes. Progect goal - create educational mobile games for children.

Our Games

High-quality - professionaly designed, drawn and voiced. Educational - primarily dedicated to teach something new. Ukrainian - culturally close to our children. Help us

Our Team

Nataly Tabachyn

Project Coordination, PR Management

Viktor Storozhuk

Graphics and Animation

Oksana Nychyporuk

Voicework, Community Coordination

Khrystyna Slobodian

Games ideas, Team Management

Anna Chepil

Photography and Graphics
Volodymyr Hnativ Games Development

Joint projects

Microsoft Ukraine
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Our friends and partners

Kids Club "Lis Mikita"
Lviv Montessori School
Creative studio Sofia Ogorodnik
Early Learning Center "Kolorovy slon"
Child Development Centre "Family Circle"
Medicover Medical Centre
St. Paraskeva Medical Centre
Zablotskyy Clinic
Center for Innovative Education "Pro.Skills"
Advertising agency RE:
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Information Support

Radio Lux Lviv
Lviv Portal "Kids"
Internet magazine Promum
Community business moms
Ukrainian site about classical music
Online magazine for modern mothers
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Contact us:

Lviv Shevchenko Ave, 5 79005, Ukraine e-mail:

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